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narnodel 04/28/2005

Esteve 1GR3ECE : narnodel's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The person below has done the job in my place, nothing to add ...


I find the handle very enjoyable, I tried a dozen other classical guitar, electro-acoustic or not, and that's the handle I prfr. As against the ropes a little high taient my taste, a little bit of sand paper on the easel and the problem is rgl!
-No problem with Access in acute stroke thanks to the pan. Besides, I originally wanted a simple acoustic, and I took it for its pan shot. And then there is that in addition it is Electroacoustic ...
-I am not a great connoisseur of guitars, at least it looks to me lgre properly, it has a very beautiful color. No, no kidding, it's a beautiful guitar.


- I had originally bought to make Yiddish music or gypsy, now I use plutt for classical music. It's perfect. She really sounds more than adequate, even if the volume is not trs lev.
- I hardly ever use it with an amp, personally I think adnature sound. The SETTING THE qualiseur can explore different types of sounds INTERESTED enough, but for a real classic sound, it is better not to connect!


I use it for three years, and frankly, nothing to me. I tried a lot of other models, and I often have the opportunity to receive classical guitars with friends, and frankly, the Esteve is class!
It has become relatively cheap (427 euros paid in 2002) is a good qualitprix.
I think I do it again this election, with the same budget. If I had 3000 euros dpenser, go see the srement ct maker of real guitars, but this is not the same area ...