Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA
Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA

Multiac Grand Concert SA, Acoustic-electric nylon string guitar from Godin in the Multiac Nylon series.

zjulos 10/16/2008

Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA : zjulos's user review


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Robert Godin Guitar, made in canada nylon rope
Characteristics of the Grand Concert SA
Radius of 40.6 cm (16 in.)
Pitch of 6.5 cm (25.59 inches)
Nut 5.1 cm (2 inches)
Bedroom mahogany body
Solid Cedar
RMC electronics with 13-pin connector for direct access to the guitar synth Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 in
Natural Satin finish or Natural Gloss
Unlike the other view, the solid mahogany body gives dug the acoustic sound that sounds not amplified by the way, and it is the specificity of this godin, to have a massive box that resonates at the same time no feedback and other feedback, even if we play next to the drummer or bass player ... and mahogany very well be why, in my opinion ...


Conventional handle very pleasant, easier than any classical
rope near the handle, very easy to play
cutaway allowing access to the lowest round
guitar half body, unplugged sound slight but sufficient,
connected sound is excellent,
through the synth access (13broches) sound unlimited


Terrible for the bossa, jazz, flamenco, and many other things
AER is essential to play on
clear sound very pure, very beautiful, very clean, as in the severe than in the midrange and treble


Two months of use, I too like crazy,
it suits me very well,
It's very personal, there is the same with other specificities, narrower neck, etc ...
it allows me to have an electric guitar with the feel of a classic as I like
You have to see what suits you best godin, for nylon, I recommend that,
is the top
the only thing is the gadget synth access,
for those who want a guitar sound, much to the model duet,
cheaper and excellent preamp
if not, you buy a Les Paul or a strato ...