Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA
Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA

Multiac Grand Concert SA, Acoustic-electric nylon string guitar from Godin in the Multiac Nylon series.

Anthony66 06/19/2008

Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA : Anthony66's user review


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-Table in Cedar Solid
Body-chamber mahogany
Mahogany-screwed the box,
Button-and bridge bne super quality,
RMC-1 Electronic sensors with 13-pin connector cord for Access in synthtiseurs The series guitar and Roland GR AX100 for Axon.
-Gloss finish.

One would prfr:

-A body in a species more luxurious than mahogany,
A net-wood!
A Spanish-heel more traditional.
-Action lower.


The neck is quite flat, it is comfortable but I prfre one of my old E30.
The action is a bit high, damage can can not lower the saddle because there is none.
A SETTING THE Truss Road is ncessaire, should not have a guitar of this price (1950 list price). In addition, the Truss Road is super misplaced and difficult to achieve.
A frieze it the right height and not that it borders, keep a fairly high action .. So it's all about compromise and I do not like compromise, especially when I put the price.
Access in acute is excellent.
The shape is slightly wider than a traditional classical drang but not at all.
It is a bit heavy but the weight is rpart so it's not a problem.
I never tried the Synth Access.
-3 For action.


Then a whole world ...
And it must get into the ide one thing:
A Godin can not replace an acoustic guitar. It's not a classic.
One can, of sr, the play sound but the sound is unique.
Once we understand that we are dealing an electric guitar nylon, it's all good.

The prampli is a marvel, it has a nice range of sounds thanks to EQ mallable Will of super efficient. You can have super deep bass and treble super crystalline or keep his trs equilibrated across the spectrum. I have not seen anywhere else as much gain as clean. As against the treble can quickly gnrer of breath when pushed.

Anyway, all is bright and slamming. It is impossible to have against a tradional classic guitar sound. Not see anything with piezzos found on most conventional. That's better, more prcis Retailer and brighter. The percussion on the table are not either. While this limits all-in-the same game since you can not venture into coaching without scratching it becomes quickly loaded and therefore "draft". It was a matter plutt guitar solo. The arpges also spend much trs.

In acoustics, the sound has less scope than acoustic guitar but remains - is usable for work or even to record something special with a record in mdium.


Résumé to the Godin Grand Concert SA is a guitar for a classical guitarist seeking complter his acoustic guitar by electro. You can not compare it to others because it has no competition. Its mission is primarily the solo and it would be wrong to believe that even if his versatile fit all styles of music. It is the only do what it does and does it well.
Its action is too high a big handicap, the price unacceptable.
But we are often surprised by enjoyable records that do not need any treatment for the showcase. It is also a great tool scne that no feedback.
I n'enlverai one point because of the action.