Shadow SH 420
Shadow SH 420

SH 420, Acoustic guitar pickup from Shadow.

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echovinz 04/25/2006

Shadow SH 420 : echovinz's user review


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Hi All!

- I just bought this microphone Röva Leif to 45E.Je'm going to use to amplify my very Premire folk guitar. 1min installation, because no need to remove the strings, is just the dtendre and then the microphone is possible without damaging the guitar. Jack 2m I think enough but I think I will install a plug out by the belt clip if I find the stuff ... see sh 430-440

- At the sound now, I find the report very well I'm even rather surprised. I plugged into a fender Frontman25r I give the first shot mdiator, and I immediately find one's a little weird ... and yes I had not set the amp.
Once the optimum rglage Found picking test well but I find the bass a little confused too <span class="skimwords-unlinked">dfinies.Ensuite</span>, short walk to the trs mdiator makes electro jazz and test pretty good c 'I t is the bluff of the return of the folk of my beginners ...

- I did not know the microphones rose before acqurir against it but I usually play with an electro-acoustic norman with which I compared.

- I find that micro rose trs well for the use I make of record ie, against a concert by I do not know what happens ... I'm afraid the good feedback ... but its not pramp so you have to play the multi-purpose and rglage <span class="skimwords-unlinked">ampli.Il</span> must also say that the sound is really electro refund so if you want a natural sound for recording
go your way.
Overall I am satisfied with my purchase TRS for 45 euros.