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moosers 05/27/2010

Yamaha G2 : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha G2 is an acoustic grand piano with a big sound and great overall feel. My experience with the G2 is in the recording studio only. I was the engineer on the session and not the player, although I did get to try playing the piano for a bit. In the studio where we recorded with the G2, we also had an upright piano to work with, but the G2 is where we would go to get our clean, full, more traditional sounding piano tracks. I used a pair of Cole 4038 ribbon microphones to record the piano, and the result was nothing less than outstanding. For those who have used the 4038's, you know that they have an extremely warm sound, but also are very clean sounding for ribbon microphones. I might have used something different on the G2, but I felt that for this session the Coles worked very well. As far as the sound of the G2 is concerned, it's extremely impressive overall. It might not be as traditionally bright sounding as some of Yamaha's other pianos, but instead it has a full bodied sound that is overall very well rounded. Yamaha is definitely a company that I always trust when it comes to pianos, as they got their start making pianos and organs before they were the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer. The price of the Yamaha G2 is definitely reasonable for a piano like this, as you'll certainly be paying a good amount more for a piano of this quality from another brand. There aren't many flaws at all with the G2, so I'd have to say that I wholeheartedly recommend using it if you can, or checking it out for purchase if you're in the market for a grand piano like this one.

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