Yamaha U5 Professional
Yamaha U5 Professional

U5 Professional, Acoustic Piano from Yamaha.

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moosers 05/14/2009

Yamaha U5 Professional : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha U5 Professional is an upright acoustic piano that has a reputation of being one of the best upright pianos available. Yamaha is the world leader when it comes to making musical instruments, and they got their start more than a century ago making pianos, so they have experience when it comes to making instruments like this. The Yamaha U5 Professional is truly a great sounding upright piano and it is very easy to play to boot. The sound quality is extremely rich and full, while it covers the full frequency spectrum of the piano quite well. It has a crisp high end sound as well as a booming low end - it really packs a lot of punch for an upright piano. I've used the Yamaha U5 Professional for both recording and practicing and have found it to be great in both respects. For recording I'm always happy with the results I get when I throw up a couple of Neumann KM184s on the high and the low and put a Neumann U87 in the middle, as the result is a full bodied acoustic piano sound. It not only sounds great, but feels great on the fingers and also has a clean look to it. The price of the Yamaha U5 Professional isn't too cheap, but considering it is one of the best upright pianos available, it is a reasonable price and you are certainly getting your moneys worth. I would really only recommend the Yamaha U5 Professional for experienced players looking to get a piano that will last a lifetime and are willing to spend the proper amount of money to do so. All in all, the Yamaha U5 Professional acoustic upright piano is truly an impressive instrument and is just another prime example of the fine craftsmanship offered by the Yamaha company.