A5, Active Monitor from ADAM in the A series.

yoTrakkz 11/01/2011

ADAM A5 : yoTrakkz's user review

« small but great sound »

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The Adam A5’ are active powered monitors, sot here is no need for external power source. They are very small and stylish and can fit your on desktop or workstation space without a problem. You can also put these close to your screen and not have to worry about them or the screen messing up from the magnets. Because I like to keep my monitors right beside my screen right in from of me, so these where crucial for me and that was the deciding factor.


I cant believe how much more detailed the highs and mids are for the price. I was leaning towards the JBLs but i felt that they were colored, and hs80m's just seem a little to harsh for my ears and bassy at high volumes. So i decided to stick with a 6 inch monitor and stick with my Adam line and the vxt's are very responsive at this price range. I wanted the 8's but i already have the 10s sub. Ive been doing music since 2001 and ive heard my share of monitors in this price range and by far this blows away a lot of the competition in this range.


Overall, the A’5s are pretty small, but that has nothing to do with the sound they provide. They pack a punch and you will love the sound of these. They are affordable but they arent as cheap as you might think a set of small monitors should be so you might be surprised on the retail value of these. Maybe some online like eBay or somewhere for cheap but in the store the retail value is pretty high. You will love the A5’s no matter what genre of music you are creating they will sound great in your home set up. I recommend them, and suggest you check them out for yourself.