A7X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

stompboxjon 01/09/2013

ADAM A7X : stompboxjon's user review

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The ADAM Audio A7X is a powered monitor that is not only affordable but it has a great sound. You can do just about anything with these monitors from mixing and mastering to listening and creating with them. Each separate driver on these monitors has its own control, on the front of the monitor there is a power switch and a volume knob. On the back of them there are controls for high frequencies and filters for low frequencies. You can use these monitors with RCA cables or XLR cables.


I first heard about the A7X when I was in Guitar Center just looking around, I started looking the section where the monitors where and heard these. I was not there to buy monitors at the time but there was no doubt that these stuck out to me. About two weeks later, I went back and purchased them.


The sound is very flat, and they are perfect for mixing and mastering. The only complaint that I would have with them is that the bass is not thick enough for me. To everyone else they may be perfect but I like to have more bass in my monitors (even when mixing). But that is not the big of a deal because I have not heard many studio monitors that have a good bass response without having a sub hooked up.
These monitors are affordable and sound great right out of the box on all types of music. They have slanted corners on both sides to help with reflections making them great for near field monitoring applications. The tweeter is 50W and the mid woofer is 11W. I have been using these monitors on different projects since the winter of 2010 and they still sound great and look brand new. ADAM also offers great protection plans and warranties for a great price.