Alesis M1Active MKII
Alesis M1Active MKII

M1Active MKII, Active Monitor from Alesis in the M1 series.

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Amk800 04/29/2005

Alesis M1Active MKII : Amk800's user review


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I am in my input crmerie usual to buy a pair of Yamaha MSP 5 and CRMI prpar me a CD player connects Near 6, MSP5, the KRK and the famous Alesis M1 Active MK2.

3 hours of much ... anything goes, rock, jazz, baroque, bach, purcell, soul, sinclair, big band ....

No doubt, yams and near need the bass ... The Alesis is incredible. I thought for a moment that I was bluffing with a compressor and a bass camouflaged ambush. I Verify the connections.
For boss of Genelec and Tannoy I could not believe their precision for such a price (450 pair)


The sound is trs prcis with a weakness in the treble easily compensated on a mixer.
The dynamics are good trs see impressive use "cinma" (DVD playback on the computer).
For me the Alesis suited to jazz home studio (keyboard, guitar, harmonica, sax, vocals ...). The deep bass is amazing, and still balance.
I redcouvert the sound of my CD prfrs of Trottignon Galiano, Louis Eddy to Hancock.
Parat me sound more prcis than on other models competing in the range of 500 euros.
They cashing perfectly EHJV brass, sounds and vintage patch strong momentum of my synths. The dynamic is enjoyable on trs sounds like Fender Rhodes, B3 and Farfisa.


Must trs little time to get used to the M1 MK2. It is a report quality price significantly to the speakers of their suprieur CATEGORY insofar as they do not ncessitent bass, abusive or corrections.
For boss on tannoy passive, and NS10 and Genelec MSP5, I do not regret having chosen solution Alesis home studio. It has less coloration than medium MSP5 and its perfectly suited to jazz / classic / pop / fusion.
For Hard rockers, rappers, techo maniacs I deprecated, both get 2 PEAVEY KB 100 for the front and a 300 KB on the back, will do better. MDR.
Regarding the effects plug-in, hard or change Settings, it ragissent honntement for their money.
With the same budget I do it again the same choice without hsitation. With 2000 euros + complment I keep them in a pair of Genelec. LOL.