Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Active Monitor from Behringer in the Truth series.

Leulapin 10/23/2004

Behringer Truth B2031A : Leulapin's user review


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I put 10 because the price was nothing more to wait


I have over 3 years now, and I got used to the sound.
The sound is overall neutral color, low-and Stereo is ok if you place the speakers on suitable media moves away and at the same level. The directivity is also correct trs.
The dynamic decrease over time. When I purchased aptait ears, now is softer but still correct since I can see well above EHJV guitars and drum parts.
The sound is much more vague than the high-end monitor type Dynaudio but if all the speakers this price, Dfine frquences are less than the yamaha, but more linear and c is works better because the grain of the speakers are more safe and have no sharp peak in the medium of such NS10 ... sounds a less versatile but it's finally over I'm not objective ptt so I'm used to the default of these costs ...
It is in all cases enough for home studio in the maquetage, considering the price I think this is what they intend.


Use a few hours / days for 3 years, it is important to use good connectors for power and if possible its a good mixer for not before pter ears with its diff in windows mixer .. .
I've heard a lot of other things since then, NSP3 & 5, Yamaha NS10 on various amps, Dynaudio M2 (yum), and all of Genelec as worse than the high end, it is clear the diffrence in price is justified that if they have, microphones, console, studio and acoustic DTD height if it's gchi. So for me trs good speakers for home studio work in and out a few models, really nothing wrong.