Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Active Monitor from Behringer in the Truth series.

bloodsugar 06/15/2004

Behringer Truth B2031A : bloodsugar's user review


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Enclosure monitoring bi-amplification (80-100W RMS 40-50W RMS)
The powers give the manufacturer - "150W and 75W" - do not work! Be careful when comparing with other models.

The construction is sturdy and neat. For the price, say nothing.

caractriqtiques for:


- Good image stro
- Reproduction relatively clear, and neutral prcise signal (compared Hifi speakers or PA for example, who are my points of comparison) I re-discovering a lot of CDs.
- The power to mount the volume without problem (for a piece of 15-20 m2, it is enough)

APRS 2 years of use:
The bass and lower mdium are a bit there, it's not so dfinnissable, but I have this impression of blur in the grave when the mix is ​​complex or when I mount the volume.


I use these speakers for over two years. I come to acquire a second pair for "the city". Why? -> Habitu these speakers, I could not see myself spend even a year or two rhabituer me another pair. I know their default is the principal.

-> For Macquet or amplify itself in a small pice, it's great.
-> But to really mix with the goal of self-production, I'm not sr whether the pair of speakers adquate.

Just a parenthse, placement and the environment are important for trs advantage of these speakers (and other)
I notice a glaring difference between the cost of my mood of the country home studio (acoustically related pice, very quiet, little or no rsonnance) and that of my room in town, r sonnance, noise, etc. ... We really feel like two different pairs of speakers. Trs good in the first case, plutt average in the second.
So Do not hesitate to treat your environment a little bit of cost to benefit fully from these speakers! (Like a carpet on the wall drrire speakers and another derrire you, speaker stand very solid and dense, the speakers of the wall not too prs)


These are probably not the best speakers in the world but with a budget of 300 / 400 euros per pair (price at which one can now find them in Germany) they fulfill their role perfectly.

Also, ask yourself the question by investing in your pairs will cost you, is it the environment that the host is the height? right? then why dpenser euros in 2000 Genelec, KRK or other Dynaudio? APRS open each ...

In the words of the Druid: 5 7 times cheaper, but not 5 srement 7 times worse.

A default, the ON / OFF the rear speakers (trs nerva it after a while)