Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Active Monitor from Behringer in the Truth series.

Tétris_fr 06/03/2004

Behringer Truth B2031A : Tétris_fr's user review


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For the main monitor of my little home studio.


The frequency response curve is fairly neutral, despite a slight bump up in the medium.
The stereo image is a very good condition and well positioned to stand well clear
They are really very powerful and still very linear even at full capacity.
Lows are present. The medium is highly accurate.
Dynamic point of view, nothing to say, they transcribe perfectly the variations of intencité in the game, and cashing them serious.

I put 10/10 because for that price, it really what I've heard better.


After listening to all of its competitors, I have bought the 2031.
I use them for a week and really, apart ca!!
I was looking for speakers that is close to the Mackie HR 824 [which i'm used to since i use it every day in the studio (i am a sound engineer)]. Well, really are very close in 2031. What is really amazing given the price difference. The downside of 2031 is that they are a bit loud in the treble when they are pushed. This is not the case of HR 824. As a result, they fatigue more quickly the ear. So, one point less for comfort.

They are still in exellent speakers to the mix or the sound.
At least this is only my opinion.