Dynaudio BM15A
Dynaudio BM15A

BM15A, Active Monitor from Dynaudio in the BM series.

stompboxjon 01/09/2013

Dynaudio BM15A : stompboxjon's user review

« Been using them since 2007 »

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The Dynaudio Acoustics BM15A monitors have mixed some of my best songs. I have been using these monitors since around 2007 and they are some of my favorite ones that I have ever worked with. I did not appreciate them when they first came out and I got them, but looking back after working with them for over 5 years now I can truly say that they have served me well and I am looking forward to creating more good music with them. I still have the same exact pair that I purchased, never had to take them back or replace them. I never even had a warranty on them; they have worked great and still look new.


You can turn these all the way up and not experience any distortion, humming or anything. The bass is very warm but still tight, the highs and mids are clean and amazing. These monitors are great for project studios that do any sort of audio editing. I have edition music and done video production sound with them via After Effects.


These are 2 way active monitors that have a front ported cabinet with a 10 inch bass driver. I have done everything from Rock to easy listening music in these monitors and every single time a I get a great mix. I have even done some of my final masters in these monitors myself because I feel like they have a “true sound”. However the music sounds coming through these speakers are as good as it is going to get in other systems. I currently trust these monitors more than I do any other monitors that I have personally owned in my 20 years making music from home. The price of these is not as high as it was when they first came out which makes it the perfect time to purchase a new pair of them.