Dynaudio BM6A
Dynaudio BM6A

BM6A, Active Monitor from Dynaudio in the BM series.

U-FLYstudio 12/01/2004

Dynaudio BM6A : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Bi amplified monitor proximitbr /> 2 100W amps Intgr,
Esotec component,
certainly one of the best woofer of this size,
low trs prcis and low mdium ar splendid, so beautiful that one wants to put a little too often, that although his only dfault.


His analythique and musical perception Extremely good rear before, we just step back without exiting the image work, they are trs little tired, and we can all keep a level that is relatively low for the duration of the mix without having the same surprises as with Mackie and other over-amplified speakers compresses .... (Even if I got the pig beginners, as always!, With a small acute lack of the master and a compact low mdium !!!!)


I use them for two years and am satisfied for mixing, but they are too "fragile" for the sound (drums, bass ...) and that's a shame because their tonal quality is terrible compare 1030 or Genelec Mackie HR 824.