Dynaudio BM6A
Dynaudio BM6A

BM6A, Active Monitor from Dynaudio in the BM series.

deusex 07/13/2004

Dynaudio BM6A : deusex's user review


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The advantage of these speakers is that they are not amplified by trs matter how good components!
which is just as important as the speaker itself (a Yamaha NS10 has not made the same with or without an amplifier of good quality)
Dynaudio's are very nice, in my opinion more reliable and less flateuse the Genelec Mackie of the same template.
it is in my opinion the top three of all fawn near ... you can work with this tool without frequency error; APRS are the talents of mixers that count.


Good stereo image, the dynamic compliance and allows a good job on the whole spectrum


A little CHRE, they have increased significantly in recent times