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New CMS Active Nearfield Monitors

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Focal CMS 65
News Focal CMS 65

Active Monitor from Focal belonging to the CMS series

Focal Professional Introduces New CMS Active Nearfield Monitors: the CMS 65 and CMS 50.

According to Focal, their Al/Mg (Aluminium/Magnesium) inverted dome tweeter combines both, lightweight mass and damping, resulting in a tweeter that easily extends up to 28khz at –3db.

They also tell us that the Polyglass® bass driver combines hollow micro-balls of glass to a pulp cellulose cone thus permitting a good rigidity versus mass ratio.

They are bi-amplified active nearfield monitors, 165 watts for the CMS65 and 130 watts for the CMS50.

The also have separate HF and LF shelving adjustments, a Desktop Notch correction filter that controls first reflection when the speakers are located over the mixing board, rubber decoupling stand, spikes to tilt the speakers and adjust soundstage height.

CMS 50: $695 each MSRP
CMS 65: $995 each MSRP

For more information, visit their web site at www.focalprofessional.com.
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