Focal CMS 65
Focal CMS 65

CMS 65, Active Monitor from Focal in the CMS series.

fabamarie 03/01/2009

Focal CMS 65 : fabamarie's user review


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Dress well solid aluminum, so wind forward to the possibility of a wall trs prs, volume knob and stand by, the rubber foot, the quality Focal box Fran ease and manufacturer, product cohrent

compact size, they are easy to place

there are grilles that enlve once they are places and we must put the little plastic optimizer phase of the tweeter


It's just poustouflant for me, once I had the speakers Behringer 2031A, I have a sound card RME ff800, it's just the transition to three dimensions, I can discern the heights, from bottom to top the incredible panoramic and depth do not even talk, I will put a poster on the wall just derrire and I feel like be in a field or a concert hall

the bass is trs prcises, yet I have a wall 10 cm and one of the speaker is in a corner, I will treat my pice when I rcupr sub but dj is amazing, no vibration is channeled 1m and I are on my desk, everything is for my apple, the spectrum remains Dfine, that ascending or decrease the volume.

how sweet, and yet I'm on the end of the break, a promise

spectrum, dynamic sound, nothing wrong is a cohrence, honey with hazelnuts for the ears

if you test them in the store, remember to put you in the center and the friend who is with you too, really changes in this

dimensional perspective, if one is too high or too low or off-axis, because it prcis


my running is low have completed the Toff, they are more round, I feel more dj the need to treat my pice


2 months of use APRS APRS and reading the test Audiofanzine I confirm that there are many mdiums the high cost, it said, my mixes are good and I trs Submitted excute the record speed since I do not need the costs on other Systm, I know that ds Submitted it's good on my focals , is happening everywhere. I tried to rectify with the rear rglages as stated in the test, actually, it corrects and gives a great cost, but my mix is not as effective, it becomes much more blurred in these high mdiums and makes me turn up the volume, I have some big surprises by listening to other Systmes, so for me and my pice, I will not touch the rglages to keep effectiveness of this mix


I have for a week

at least, I see the price, at the show in October they taient ads around 550 euros, the 619 had me to have them, which makes a big diffrence when you think that it takes all of 2 ms.
Finally, I do not regret any fawn, although I intended to pay the price for speakers that lasts me a long time and not to overlook the low or otherwise, even if my home studio is not great

my choice was made to dpart from space I have, on my desk, the desk against the wall, I needed something close proximity (a is said?) j ' were going to buy small Genelec, the store had none and then I rflchis, the quality of Focal speakers in aluminum, I tried it exactly that I wanted ds the 2nd day I packed up the boxes because I knew that I did Ramna it to the dealer, they do not vibrate with hair, still shoots low and prcises Dfine well, now I can not tell you if a trs down low, I do not do electronic music, acoustics, mainly, low come to me, it does not go into the ground, my office or the ceiling as my old speakers.

I do not regret my choice, I think it's perfect, I do not even notice intrt to leave as smooth, srement others will notice a more technical home, more than the front speakers a good ten years or more

oh yeah, I mix my rcout and even my girlfriend who did not connate expressed the fawn, "it seems like everything is on the same line" yeah, before I had no depth (even when I said "ah it's not bad, I expected worse" but the playing is my ego)

I just finished my first mix with, super fast, thanks the precision, my ds Premire costs on other Systmes (car radio, computer speakers, each no hi-fi) has released well as what I heard on cms65 at the balance gnral