Bigbonobo 10/07/2003

Fostex 6301B : Bigbonobo's user review


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Weighing surprising for small size, these small active monitors (10 watts true) you will make many services dplacement, associate your walkman or laptop. Unable prtendre curve rponse trs tense, they nevertheless provide midrange without coloration and bass farms, but are not prcises in the treble. Couples a subwoofer, they will replace advantageously, for making the comparison many times, your or your MP5 NS10. Without housing, you may dsagrables surprises in the bass. The switches are situs front, a couple red light, it is convenient. At the rear, one between 6.35 mono jack and an output line 10 V.


These speakers should be placed carefully in any medium dcouples rsons, brief tips that apply all types of monitors. They can not dlivrer a noise lev trs good for the neighbors, but are rather prcises. Places at your ears on either side of your screen, they will allow you to work without problem. Again, an associate subwoofer carefully chosen (mine is homemade) is essential. These little monitors have their place for some time on the banner consoles broadcast by Canal +, which can not be suspected of buying the hardware lgre ..


Five years of intensive use, falling one meter or more, many dplacements, sand and sometimes a little water, and always active. I mix on Genelec and j'coute my mixes successively the Fostex box + and + the Bose Acoustimass subwoofer is in another pice. Everything remains cohrent no diffrence gross. Having "hritquot, I do not know if I made that choice, and besides j'hsite change for Behringer Truth. But I am afraid of finding