Genelec 1037B
Genelec 1037B

1037B, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 1000 series.

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domos 09/07/2004

Genelec 1037B : domos's user review


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I possde a pair of 1037B pregnant for 5 years. I do not regret the investment because they possdent a remarkable precision. We can say what one wants this type of forum, you must simply listen and we adopt them naturally. But once adopted, be careful! trs that you'll never hardly the cost of the Competition, the 1037, that is something else ...

Bass Amp 180 W
120 W amp Mdium
Aigues 120 W amp

Slew rate 80 V / s
THD <0.05%
SNR> 100 dB
Maximum peak sound pressure of 1.7m (pair):> = 126 dB
Rponse flat 37 21 Khz
Weight 40 Kg


Neutrality precision, dynamic copy that is a Gnlec!
Warning! these monitors require square meters floor and a perfect section SETTING THE intgre correction.
At the cost of a good recording trs, choir with organ, for example, cal in the chair, paupires farms, the motion is the c 'is the ecstatic jubilation! all that remains is that the moist air of the church ....


They are pregnant for the pro, for real music and their place is not in the kitchen of a home-studio owners!

J 'uses Mackie, Dynaudio of proximity to work and for the final Gnlec CONTRL.
I could not don 'go and if it' silent again? I ressigne a chque ....( big!)