KRK V6 Serie 2
KRK V6 Serie 2

V6 Serie 2, Active Monitor from KRK in the V series.

vtreza 09/11/2005

KRK V6 Serie 2 : vtreza's user review


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Speaker size and price Modr.
use is mainly monitoring mixing for "acid"


I believe in the neutrality of the speaker means exactly what is mdiocre and also what is a little too well (whoring studio).
"Stereo Image" is not IDAL, the virtual center is a bit elusive.
These are speakers of "control" it is not forcment trs costs with a rewarding, if you like the sound enjoyable, it is correct fawn subjective and running.
The momentum seems perfect, there is much of the reserved.


I use them since trs short time, but I feel confident, I regret not having the analytical aspect, surgical, dmasqueur I've heard with other System. But n'tait not the same price and not for the same purpose. So no regrets for having made that choice. I'm REALLY pleased.