RP6 G2, Active Monitor from KRK in the Rokit Powered G2 series.

Vincedezel 09/23/2013

KRK RP6 G2 : Vincedezel's user review

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I went to listen to several speakers, Yamaha HS5, RCF Ayra Five, and the Fostex Pm0.4D biensure KRK. I was looking for good quality speakers to start in the world of computer music and make listening mostly.
The biggest advantage they have, in my opinion, is to raise the level of bass reflex system in front which greatly simplifies the placement in any case, this is also the icing that I have made purchased ;-)


I agree with many comments before me, that we can not speak of neutrality has met 100% here, they do tend to get a warm sound to listen.
It does not hurt to listen, quite the contrary, but for those seeking the "surgical precision" do not agree.
Personally I find them good ties sound for my use. I rediscovered my pleasure media title (FLAC) had more clarity, more shine, and especially more accurate than anything I could listen so far.
I also discovered and understood what "stage presence" meant ... At times I feel that the singer is in front of me! it's very nice!


In short, I would say that for those who want to taste the joys of "good sound" and computer music discover they are really perfect!
Beyond this use, ie beginner audiophile computer music, see to invest in a more expensive pair ;-)