KRK Rokit Powered 8
KRK Rokit Powered 8
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wich 09/16/2004

KRK Rokit Powered 8 : wich's user review


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Based guitarist I make a half and I have composed a groovebox for purchase m'acompagner. the top I started to do as the drum n bass and I soon made Earl that mla hi-fi was going to die that the sounds in the headphones were working foirreux after passing over the baffles and baffle following the pair as I changeaint it again. In short it was the shit etv deception after a night's work for the headphones in. wake the neighbors to hear before going to bed as this one-half of the work did not go in the cabinets, no more dynamics for I dvais push the volume, but suddenly it's distorting.
So I had to buy the speakers sound but with the volume of pasque c I like to feel all that vibrates to the sound of the bass ;-) I am a student so I am that this should not too expensive.


Well, I do not have much experience in terms of monitoring ebcientes and I can not give an opinion comari valid. It's not like a hi-fi c bcp better to tell the truth I heard my song in a different light and I had to rework a lot of sounds.
All the people who are, hear these speakers (which are some pot dj mix from the above) were here on the ass. Anyway now I dream of c of the series subwoofer! c but by greed and then I go and live the dvraity campgne.
I also meant that the sound is already very good at low volume and he is doing when it EnCorr earache.


Ben er c foot doing it three weeks that I am in shock and it'll last. If I have waste pasque c I saw that advice really positive notament for value for money I would add that the volume is really good especially since I bought them at launch ISP c to say for the 598th pair.