M-Audio AV 20
M-Audio AV 20

AV 20, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the Studiophile series.

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marc05400 11/01/2009

M-Audio AV 20 : marc05400's user review


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I use them mainly for listening to music on my PC ...
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues ...


Sounds just right for the price (I've had to € 49!). Well above my old PC kit 2.0 to 30 €.
Well-defined stereo image (I discover the same sounds on recordings that I thought I knew by heart ...).
For power, do not dream too much of course, but there are still a bit before saturation.
There are low, but it does not boom, boom ... of course!
For all this, there must be a little patient required settings in the equalizer (standard curve a bit flat) and (I thought it was a fault but apparently it happened to others) in balance. The left lane is actually anemic compared to the right!

Update of 24/06/2009: I do was not realized immediately but good enough to hear the difference between the original CD and MP3 encoding even the highest quality!
Update of 20/07/2009: I spoke too quickly ... The lack of balance was not related to HP but in my system. I just did a complete reinstallation and failure no longer appears! I listen to my old kit that I gave to my mother, as the gain is huge ... I add a point!


So generally satisfied, even if I wanted to "throw" at the beginning ...
I am guitarist and therefore accustomed to long hours to pay an amp ... The need to spend time on these forums to get satisfying sound did not bother me ...
Quality / price ratio rather good. Anyway to € 49. At 89 it may be another story ...
Update of 20/07/2009: after 2 months of daily listening, I do not regret my purchase at all ...
Update from 28/09/2009: material HS, SAV back ... Angry and frustrated, more music ...
Standard exchange ... New material performs better than the first! So be careful, obviously not regular production niveu quality components ...