M-Audio AV 20
M-Audio AV 20

AV 20, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the Studiophile series.

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ben1500 11/17/2007

M-Audio AV 20 : ben1500's user review


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- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
I trust the brand. The report price is gnralement good quality for an amateur. No headphone jack or audio input, or control of balance ... Reduces the size, price and discreet design.

- For what purpose?
as they say in the brochure, use multimedia and MIX with BCD3000 to start tinkering on and trackers synthtiseurs + + squenceurs free ... its large electro nag.

- What amp / What configuration? ...
amplified speakers connected directly to card M-Audio Delta 44 and dual core desktop PC.


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
It seemed that there was at dpart mdiums too high / treble but I got used to it after a few days.

- Stereo image is good?
No! the MODEL I had the left speaker clearly stronger than the right (the one with the amp).

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
Either, always the right speaker (but is it dfectueuse?), Saturates and grsille of certain sounds: piano notes of Premire supported a Strings of Life measures by Francesco Tristano are jou horrible. Otherwise, the sound is enjoyable and clear plutt with other styles of music tests (Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Disco ..). The bass is a little absent, but their record is pretty good.

- The dynamic is it respect?
rendering is given pchu as the speaker size.


- How long have you use it?
3-4 days, I have returned to the store because of the problem on certain sounds and Stereo.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
NO. I have a YAMAHA HIFI E200, SEINNHEISER HD215 headphones and a rotten CREATIVE 5.1 ​​kit, which serves more e gure that the Tv.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
NO, j'tais interested by the size and price of these speakers but I am by the quality of the product I reu. I can not say whether it is the copy I reu dfectueux is a default or design. When in doubt, I will avoid to order again and try the MODEL suprieur, the M-AUDIO AV40.