Mackie MR8mk2
Mackie MR8mk2

MR8mk2, Active Monitor from Mackie in the MRmk2 series.

stompboxjon 01/09/2013

Mackie MR8mk2 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Mackie MR8mk2 is a 2 way reference monitor that has very professional transducers and great power amplifiers. You can crank this monitor up and not have to worry about it distorting the sound at all. They have clean highs and solid mids with warm low end sounds. I have used the MR8mk2 over a dozen times and I still think it is one of the best set of monitors that you can get for the money.


The low frequencies are my favorite about them, no matter what style of music you are working with or listening to with them the low end is thick and warm, mainly because of the power amplifiers that these Mackie monitors have in them. The strange thing is that I have used other Mackie monitors in the past that clam to have the exact same style of amplifiers in them (dual precision), but they do not sound anywhere as good as the MR8mk2’s do.


I was using these at my home studio which is in a bigger room without just a little bit of acoustic treatments. They instantly upgraded my whole sound. Right before I had these I was using a pair of Alesis monitors that I thought where pretty good until I purchased these from Mackie. It was an instant upgrade.
Out of most of the monitors that I have heard in this price range, these could be the best ones. I have been through so many monitors from home to the studio and for this price range the only other ones that I would suggest are the KRK Rokit’s just because they have a very similar sound but these have cleaner highs than the KRK Rokit’s do. With the sound being clean and warm you just cannot go wrong with getting these monitors. If you are looking to spend in the 500 dollar range for a pair of monitors check these out or the KRK Rokits if you just want to focus more on bass.