Prodipe Pro 8 V2
Prodipe Pro 8 V2

Pro 8 V2, Active Monitor from Prodipe.

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Maxbidule 02/01/2013

Prodipe Pro 8 V2 : Maxbidule's user review

«  To try it is to adopt »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I was looking for a powered speaker monitor type to use typed HIFI. My old amp had laché me, and I wanted to make another sound system. Some friends I had listened to active monitor speakers, and I rediscovered instruments on some tracks (=> fun :))
My budget was less than € 400 (pair), and I wanted an 8-inch woofer. And yes, used to effect loudness and bass boost, I do not want to lose a good bass presence.

My budget allowed then:
- Behringer 3031
- Prodipe 8 V1 8 V2, V2 Pro Ribbon
If one only looks pregnant had a good return for my use.

Behringer (I was strongly recommended for service), and then they are not very nice
After I had the V1 Prodipe priced sacrificed at the moment (€ 279) to which it was € 40 add port and wait a fortnight
And V2 Prodipe to € 359, but the store where I was listened to, gave me a small price (€ 329 final), and I was immediately

They are connected by XLR on a table Numark C2, which allows me to manage my various inputs (tablet, vynil, K7 (if provided), CD, invited ....)


Being really newbee of the field, I do not know if my judgment is correct.
But I could listen to keyboard Bordeaux area (great frequenter of Prodipe) with a friend and making computer music FOCAL CMS 65 equipped, and I was able to compare the store yamha HS, KRK, Adams and even (small pleasure) to Focal Solo (well, there was more history to see the delta seen over the top gear). The difference for the seller-adviser, between V1 and V2 is a better bass response due to the transition to a woofer aluminum, stiffer and with less latency return (=> less slobbering low)

Comparison I have done:
The Yamaha HS80, made me fear (like listening to an old portable radio, a medium too)
The KRK me seemed less generous in low (or it was one of my criteria)
The Adams me as much (but outside the budget), acute fairly accurate, but not enough bass (for me) as tested in 5 inches
The Solo is far ahead, but here we are in another galaxy. The pan, and frequency accuracy amazed me, but the delta with Prodipe was not enough to take out a loan to the bank ;)

Frequency curve seems pretty neutral. Personally, I could not help but "dig" in the Numark equalizer, not much, just a little, to give a little more presence to the sound (especially the bass)

The stereo image is good (must say that I had completely lost with my previous amp)

The sound is very clear (that is the first point I made my sweet).

Later with 140 W power is at the rendezvous, and the sound is very crisp and clear (not mushy bass, treble not screaming), even at very high volume.

I note just a slight breath at rest (without the above happens), but perhaps this is incured landlessness in my electrical system (oops). To be confirmed by the pros


It's been 15 days that I use, and I am satisfied. They are now well-established (the sound really changed from the first listen, and now)

I can listen to music, and not the face (before I heard the boom boom, now I hear a melody)

The price / quality ratio, seems to me most excellent is designed in France (but made in China, there's no mystery).

After that, my use is purely HIFI type, for the work of his, I could not judge.

We'll see in time