Samson Technologies Resolv 65a
Samson Technologies Resolv 65a

Resolv 65a, Active Monitor from Samson Technologies in the Resolv series.

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Odelho 03/26/2004

Samson Technologies Resolv 65a : Odelho's user review


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The technical features that have motivated my choice:
- Their size really ideal for a room of 13 square meters
- A good listener even at low volume
- The bass port at the front (which allows me to leave them almost against the wall)
- The ability to easily adjust the midrange positions via 3
- The super connectivity complete (XLR, Jack, RCA / Sinch)
- The excellent build quality for the price!
- The power which shoed alluciner more than one
- They all intersect only when there is no signal
- The diodes ... blue (well there's not super important)

What I like least in the long run:
- The screen is not enough and despite a difference of more than 80 cm tour of my Pc and my monitors, speakers recover parasites (it really is a big minus)
- There is no cooling fins to the back (as on tapcos) and it's really hot! Well it is nothing serious in the winter but I will morfler this summer!
- The color of the decor is super kitsch! they look like toys (though weight, quality plastic and assembly reassured very quickly)
- And the power settings are at the back but the buttons are big enough and well placed (not need a screwdriver) so that you get to make his adjustments quickly.
- Missing a control input for peak saturation, the coup is sought over the entire audio chain


Well here we feel that the engineers have really dug the head and there are zicos with them! the sound to finally determine the criterion of choice despite some small rédibitoires least not at all. I could compare them with the Truth by Beringer, the Fostex PM05, the M-Audio (BX5 and 8), Krk V6, Makiese (600 and few) the yam MSP5, the alesis mk2, the Roland D- 30, I still called the edirol and EgoSys but it really is not level.

Well those are really above the krk (really amazing) and Mackie (especially on the definition of acute and low mids).

As I did not like the personal thruth (but that defended well though), the Roland and the yams (which really miss too many serious despite their super definition of mediums).

I really love m-audio (particularly 8 but more expensive) and fostex but the price differences were justified by no means (see the contrary with respect to characteristics such as setting the mediums of 65a or events of low in front).

so the + and -:
- Neutral curve with a slight bump in the lower medium that is corrected quickly.

- Excellent stereo although still too high directionality of the sound. should really be located in relation to the speakers (the tweeters at ear equidistant). Well that's only when have pre-master mix huh!

- Precision is really great to be on the low share of high acute when one feels that it mixes faster than on krk example but it does not hurt in any case not the final mix

- A dynamic that it's hard to find fault: you can push them cashing the jades! I wonder as they do elsewhere, the mix of frequencies is the same as low-volume high-volume, I think this is something super important to mix at 3 am low volume with the baby sleep in the next room and re-listen to the next without having to make corrections to ... yes and no tiring for a sub, you can mix it with a happy hour

- The sound is very clear and precise, careful there is no infrabass it will mix with headphones or a subwoofer (which is optional). But they are really low and there is a pleasure to hear them, their sound is clear and it blows it right (well it blows hot air but it's nice to wet hair in the morning ;-) .


I use them for 8 months, it was really hard in the beginning because we feel that our sound mixes well, and so that the speakers are nazes ... but those are the mixes that are bad!

It took me 3 to 4 months still to learn, time to understand that we should not necessarily cut all the treble hiss but when they equalize the sound fishing ...

they finally do their job but it's hard to be with so many corrections to make: you end up with all the defects of the samples, taken votes, all queues reverb rework.

It was especially hard on older songs that sound at once so badly that the new material made from the start it is much easier to mix (for example, I did "Blazz" on multimedia speaker and "face" since start with the resolver).

well it's true, whenever I can I go to Dynaudio or krk but frankly the price difference does not really justify the use I make of my components and are not yet to deserve better.

Therefore recommend great buy! especially on the quality / price ratio! after each of his ears and his music ...