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Tannoy Reveal 502
Tannoy Reveal 502

Active Monitor from Tannoy belonging to the Reveal series

simon.lyobard simon.lyobard

«  Very good »

Published on 08/13/14 at 10:55
Having never owned a studio monitors, it seemed wise choice due to its price / quality ratio.

I use the speakers in a home studio base configuration.


To my ears little "home studio", it suits me PERFECTLY.

The sound seems accurate on all frequencies.
Compared to my old speakers living room, this is the day and night!

If one looks at a speaker distance (say 2 meters), the stereo image feels very well represented.


I use these speakers for two months now.
For that price, I would do without hesitation that choice!
I read here and there that a breath problem appeared occasionally. This problem happened to me once but I found where it came from. By removing my sound card and my computer speakers: more problem! Maybe for some, the problem is not there but I still suggest you try, it costs nothing).