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Tannoy Reveal 601A
Tannoy Reveal 601A

Active Monitor from Tannoy belonging to the Reveal series

Sam Sta Sam Sta

« Perfect for beginner through to advanced users »

Published on 01/10/21 at 00:30
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
Note: Images attached are my old "semi-treated" studio (B) and new "semi-treated" studio (A) room measurement scans with my Tannoy Reveal 601a studio monitors.

I've owned my Tannoy Reveal 601a studio monitors for about 7 years now and have been writing my own mostly electronic music for around 15 years. They produce a good amount of low end and you really do not need a sub woofer with these speakers as they produce enough low end where it is needed to write solid kick and basslines. They do however seem to produce a annoying frequency bump around 120hz and they also accentuate the higher frequencies above 10khz. Great for music playback, enjoying a movie, YouTube or gaming! Beginner and even some experienced producers may find their mixes will come out sounding a bit dull and will struggle to tame the low end. The +/- 1.5db dip switch on the back mitigates the dullness issue to some extent. However....

If you run a software such as Sonarworks, Room EQ Wizard or other such software in conjunction with these speakers, this will flatten the issues with the frequency response of these speakers and turn them into a serious mixing tool even advanced producers could work with. <note> I'm not intentionally trying to plug a 3rd party software, just being honest and helping others get the best out of these speakers.

Bottom line: Setting up even a basic home music studio with no certainty/desire for it to ever become more than a hobby can be a very expensive exercise. Some of us don't have the big bucks to spend on high end gear but that doesn't mean we don't want to make half decent sounding, well mixed music even just for fun. From my experience, these speakers absolutely have the ability to create great sounding, well mixed music particularly when used in conjunction with a frequency curve flattening software as mentioned above and of course at least some basic room treatment. They're very affordable and will serve you well on your musical journey!

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