Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MSP5

MSP5, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the MSP series.

yoTrakkz 09/14/2011

Yamaha MSP5 : yoTrakkz's user review


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The Yamaha MSP5 monitors are powered studio monitors, I paid 250 per monitor for these, they sound great but I was very disappointed with the low in frequencies in these. They were a total let down and didn’t provide me hardly with any thump. Coming from the KRK’s and plugging these up was like two different sounds. You cant even put these in the same category as the KRK’s but they are still pretty good. But with an unaccurate low end frequency its hard to get a clean mix on the low end.

The MSP5’s have a balanced XLR type input which is good because most equipment uses XLR and you can plug up and start listening right away without having to switch a bunch of connections around.


I would say it sounds ok, like I said I wasn’t happy with the low end of them, because even in my acoustic treated room I still couldn’t get a clean mix on the low end of my productions with these monitors. I think yamaha’s products are great I just don’t know what happened with these, for the price of around 500 for the pair I would expect something way better than the frequency of these.


But overall if your not worried about having a lot of low end , or if you don’t compose your music with a lot of kick and thump than these will work perfect for your. Maybe for some easy listening music or some jazz because of a smooth bassline with no punch, they will sound great. But if you need something with some punch and knock go with some krks’s or the upgraded version of these. Its just sad that the Yamaha MSP5’s cost so much and they disappointed me. I feel like they are the same as the HS50M monitors and only cost half.