Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MSP5

MSP5, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the MSP series.

Terch 07/10/2005

Yamaha MSP5 : Terch's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
XLR input jacks or symtriques, body mass ct blind to put notches, at all good for my use.
Monitors in my home studio to mix heavy in all genres.


So ... sound ....

It lacks the lower body mdium, and low y'en, but not too much (Do not ask him too much either). Let's say the low end I work with headphones.
For acute, as I read below, it's a little dry ...
Stereo image is good and the sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum. The momentum is good, but only for contemporary music, and I will not risk too much on the classic with these costs to a use other than music (produced couraging for radio - voice speaks -) we must get into the habit, the imbalances are difficult to establish.
.... It makes me think of the NS10 somewhere .... with a sudden lifting of sound ....


I use them since its release, was back for a while now (I think almost 5 years).
Since I have never had a problem with is the mega-strong!
They are pregnant with default sound, I do have some wolf mixes with (brass grate them are hard mdiums Manir a more general) but April was the need to work with rgulierement, have them in your ears.
Do not put a pregnant single hsiter mdiocre to switch its monitoring costs, but it is valid for all the costs of land.
Great value quality price, nothing compares to a pair of Genelec, on all levels.
A good forum for Home Studio because of its relative qualitprix, yet attention, they must have in your ears pain mix poublisable!