Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MSP5

MSP5, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the MSP series.

jplesaint 01/03/2005

Yamaha MSP5 : jplesaint's user review


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- Speakers cheap, and of the reputable bnficiant of NS10M, even if controversial. Trs good speakers, obviously not competing not against gnlec, Mackies or JBL, but cohrentes.
- They serve me to monitor, returns, and conventional speakers.
-The bass is obviously absent, but the bandwidth is correct trs. Mdiums can be of a little hard, but nothing mchant. The mixes I've done with all have a hell of a punch, a good energy. A low cut / low pass and high pass cut up trslger can rectify the default brief acoustic type rsonnances rear.
The bass reflex can REALLY get to the bandwidth down without too CRER fireworks on the bass.
It's good stuff, also in close-up of speakers with a pair of larger bowls.


Good dynamic gnrale (Z'aime bocou dynamics)
They obviously more suitable for modern music, electrical or electronic, that a mix of acoustic music. The energy they have on modern music changes more easily agressivit on acoustics.


Purchased three years ago.
they are super strong, fairly heavy for their size (and a guarantee of quality blinds.
I know a lot of MODELS but the only truly comparable, they are the Truths that are excellent for their price, but TRS tiring (mdiums the long and low aggressive artificial.) I can achter -be a pair later in the MSP complment 5. Or if I win the lottery, I take HR624 x 4, with the housing and the central SERIES, and I mate my dvds on it!!