Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MSP5

MSP5, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the MSP series.

Daddy Abdel 07/02/2003

Yamaha MSP5 : Daddy Abdel's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Number of votes: 2
Serious amp: 40 watts
Aig amp 27 watts
Sesibilit 101 Dcibel
Bandwidth: 50Hz/40Khz
Frquence capacity: 2.5 kHz Woofer 5 "and twiter 1" titanium shield magntique complete


The MSP5 are versatile, ideal for beginners, for a homestudio ... It is a pure sound that dgagent these wonders! But the o is the problem is in the bass. A volume lev just put a sound with a little too low for the speakers start "screw up" but it is also an advantage insofar as wanting to make a good mix without too low , we get a good rglage.


I like the MSP 5 while regretting the NS 10. If you want to acqurir GENELEC in the same CATEGORY must dbourser more, much more. The ratio of MSP 5 qualitprix sucks if you must rfrer fora such as the NS 10, but if that competition that we must rely on the quality report price is unbeatable (Yamaha abuse any of the same!). The fact that the speakers are bi-amplified does not justify the right side. I will not say that I Rasht if c'tait again. If such a price of 10 equivalents of NS taient placed on the market five MSPs would have no value. But hey .. I love them even when. And if I chose them is because c'tait Chres the least and it is then that I've really known. I do not regret their purchase. It is also necessary that the NS 10 prciser n'tant addition, their purchase is more to discuss. Recommend all beginners!