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yed 03/29/2012

Yamaha MSP5 : yed's user review

" Faithful"

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Value For Money : Excellent
active monitoring bi amplified with a flatter response and wider than the NS10 (;) passive front volume.
computer music for everyday use, composition, recording and mix.
No amp so because already bi amplified 2x70w at all and that's enough for a piece of 20m2.Utilisées homestudio in a configuration of an output analog sound card xlr own.


the frequency curve is super neutral and broad enough to cover most musical styles. after all depends on the acoustic of the room and speaker placement (see instructions very clear on the subject + offset low or high as possible on the back). dynamic really impressive for this price.
the stereo mix provides a precise nearfield.
the sound is clear and precise, sometimes too low in the spectrum, in fact, these are studio monitors, as a result the low frequencies are much cleaner than a hi-fi system or another (a differential after listening mix is ​​better anyway) ... mediums can work without fatiguing the ear surgery and acute are without pity = if dirty or whistling, is final.


11 years already. I listen to before buying another monitor and since I walked around in a lot of studio and home studio = I remain very happy with my choice for the price and use that I have. I like the width of the spectrum and it's neutrality and the virtual absence of ear fatigue generated.
Excellent quality / prix.avec the same budget I would do the same choice at 80%.