Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

llados 03/14/2013

Yamaha HS50M : llados's user review

«  Very well thought out! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I had small monitorings for the home studio, in a desktop configuration (unfortunately I do not live a 20m2!).
So, level height and weight, I do not need more for my configuration, dimensions are ideal.

The construction is good, it is very solid, the rear panel is well thought out, convenient for adjusting the sound fontion location and the proximity of the walls.

Solid and well thought out.


For sound, this is good too. The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral. After, the speaker configuration, the lack of bass and a little body too. We can catch up very slightly by placing them near a wall, to exacerbate low (especially lower mids).

Against by the sound is clear, accurate and well detailed. The sound is also very dynamic, lots of fishing, as punchy treble (slightly aggressive for some, say it takes some getting used to). And good stereo too.

So close to the speakers who are doing their job. Its precise stereo sound through against lack of bass and some low mids.


Good speakers nearby, perfect for a home studio config on a small installation.
on the other hand, for mixing must alternate with a good monitoring headphones transcriptionist good bass and low medium, not too add dB in these frequencies. Check also for the fact that they have a clear, they tend to bring out a little more voices and strings.
The best is to buy the sub that goes with it to fill the gap. But in case of lack of space or neighbors nervous, checking the headphones (and verifying completion of a hi fi or radio) is strongly recommended.

That said, all the speakers of this size have the same flaws it at low. And I could compare (no really accurate way unfortunately) with other speakers of the same category: Adam and A3x A5X, Fostex PM04 and PM05, Genelec 8020.
They are far from being ridiculous (I even preferred) alongside Genelec (lighter and more accurate) and close to Adam (Adam have the best sound, but 2 times the price).
Very good quality / price ratio!