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ValhallaRoom Updated to v1.0.9

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Valhalla DSP ValhallaRoom
News Valhalla DSP ValhallaRoom

Valhalla has updated ValhallaRoom to version 1.0.9, which adds a new Dark reverb mode called Sulaco.


  • New reverb mode: Sulaco:
    • Dark, somewhat sparser than other reverb modes, with lush modulation.
    • Wide range of control over Late Size, to dial in tight rooms, huge spaces, and all sorts of things in between.
    • Tighter stereo image than other VRoom modes, with Late Cross controlling the initial spread of energy between channels.
  • Pro Tools bug fixes:
    • The plug-in now shows up in the Reverb category, as opposed to Other.
    • The short name displayed in the insert/send window is “VRoom” as opposed to “Valh.”.
  • Fixed bug with early modulation in Dark modes, where a “pinging” sound could be heard with certain settings.
  • Fixed bug related to interaction between short predelay settings and high Early Mod Depth settings.
  • The MIX control is now smoothed, for improved automation on sends.
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