VB-Audio Software Aphro

Aphro, Software algorithmic reverb from VB-Audio Software.

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zako 10/25/2005

VB-Audio Software Aphro : zako's user review


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RAS. As usual with VB, a performance / resources excellent.


There are people who do not like the others and do it with talent ... And this seems to be the case of Mr Vincent Burel. I use this little reverb for over 7 years, this era is not about n'tait IR calculations in real time and you could see one getting stronger ... prices much more empty than Systmes in respect rverbrations software. For a relatively rsultat mdiocre compar a small hardware reverb - like PCM 70 - the great advantage of these plug-ins silent ... your processor to quickly knees! The Aphro-V prtention never had to replace a hardware reverb, but plutt to refocus on the basics: what is asked what kind of effect at the stage of the composition and / or pre-mix? Open the sound space of an object, right? If the V-Aphro few seem a little solo mtallique costs, it is not bluffing s'avrer the middle of a mix! We choose a type of rev, we balance the gains and it plays directly on the color panel to match the instrument and ... it is compltement forget. on the other hand if it mutates, it lacks something every time to empty: the space. Here is a small rverb "utility" for anyone who still does possde NEWS no DSP effects card, or simply just want to put in a flat coutable its current composition and keep the resource CPU below the elbow.