Hoontech ADDA 2000
Hoontech ADDA 2000

ADDA 2000, Analog/Digital Converter from Hoontech.

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stdess 12/26/2005

Hoontech ADDA 2000 : stdess's user review


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On the front panel, this soundcard has two XLR and two 1/4" inputs for channels 1 and 2, plus six 1/4" (mono) jack line inputs.
One mini-jack stereo headphone output.

On the rear it features eight 1/4" jack outputs + S/PDIF input/output and MIDI input/output.

The XLR inputs have switchable phantom power. One for both of them.

However, the preamp is not the best. I have to crank it all the way up and can hear some noise.


I've been using it for two years.

The multiple inputs on the front are very practical. I have an expander, a synth a POD for guitar, and a mic connected permanently so I don't need to fiddle with anything.
I don't use the audio outputs, they are not necessary within my home studio context. But they could be interesting if I ever decide to use it live. I don't use the PCI card's inputs either.

What I like least about it is how hard it is to get it running under windows, even with the latest drivers, it's awful. I once had a setup that worked fine, with less than 10ms of latency, but after my HDD crashed, I had to reinstall everything and there's no way I can get it to run correctly. As soon as you load it a bit, you're f***ed. Besides, it can't be used without a sequencer, under windows, it always crashes.

I think it's a good value for money, but you need a big, powerful PC, which is somewhat contradictory, given the moderate price of the soundcard.

I plan to change my setup to really profit from this card an have a PC dedicated exclusively to audio. I currently have a 1.7 Ghz P4 with 768 Mb ram + a 60 Gb HDD exclusively for audio. It was a decent system back then, but now it's somewhat limited.

I don't regret having bought it, but I think that you need to test it thoroughly (with multiple tracks and effect plug-ins) before you buy it, to see if it's compatible with your PC. The problem is knowing which PC to buy?!