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Mamba Analog to Digital Bi-directional Converter

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Networksound Mamba Analog to Digital Bi-directional Converter (ANADAT)
News Networksound Mamba Analog to Digital Bi-directional Converter (ANADAT)

Analog/Digital Converter from Networksound

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NetworkSound announced the new line of audio converter products starting with Mamba ANADAT – 16 channel analog line level audio to industry standard ADAT and vice versa.

The Mamba ANADAT product is a stand alone Analog audio to Digital audio converter that can convert 16 channels of line level audio to 16 channel ADAT.


It can also convert 16 channels of ADAT to 16 analog balanced line level outs. To connect microphones, you can use any external micpre units with Analog outputs. Mamba ANADAT unit can also be supplied with micpre option. The unit will operate in 48kHz / 24 bits and can be upgraded to full 16 channel 96 kHz/24 bits later. The 96 kHz mode will use SMUX technique as prescribed by ADAT, doubling the number of inputs and output connectors for the same 16 channels. The analog input and output are available thru industry standard Tascam analog DB25s. You can also get Mamba DB25 patch bays if you need easy plug in/out.

Key features of Mamba ANADAT converter are:

  • 16 channels from Analog to ADAT
  • 16 channels from ADAT to Analog
  • Line Level Analog In and out
  • High quality Analog to Digital converters from AKM Semi
  • Max analog input level is +18 dBu, SNR=105 dB, THD+N (1kHz @ –1dBFS) = 0.005% (@48K)
  • Maximum output level = +18 dBu, SNR = 114.6 dB, THD+N (1kHz @ –1dBFS) =0.0048% (@48K)
  • Input impedance = 4.53 Kohm, Output impedance = 100 ohm
  • Latency ~600 usec @ 48K & ~300 usec @ 96K
  • ADAT light pipe connector for ADAT in and out
  • Use standard light pipe cable to your ADAT in or outs
  • External WC (word Clock) switch to set Master or Slave
  • 48 or 96K sample frequency select switch (next version)
  • Analog in and out via DB25 (Tascam/Digi Analog standard pin out)
  • Use DB25 to XLR breakout cables to connect to XLRs
  • Use DB25 to DB25 cable to connect to Tascam DB25
  • EXT WC in on BNC (48K or 96K)
  • EXT WC out on BNC (48K or 96K)
  • 2 year Limited warranty [ more info..]
  • 1U rack mount box (19"X12"X1.75") @ 9 pounds
  • Solid steel and sleek finish
  • Future upgrade to 96K for same 16 channel soon

For more information, visit www.networksound.com/MambaANADAT.html.

  • maana 3 posts
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 07/08/2010 at 05:16:46
    i'll take one of those :-)

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