RME Audio ADI-2
RME Audio ADI-2

ADI-2, Analog/Digital Converter from RME Audio in the ADI series.

raid2 11/19/2006

RME Audio ADI-2 : raid2's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
all to all. it's simple.
Entry into analog output Digital Toslink, S / PDIF, ADAT. and this up to 192 Khz !!!!! Entry into Digital and Analog or Digital output in another format.

Complete! 3 balanced XLR input or not, RCA (analog), Jack 6.3, RCA (digital) or optics! Sorie in the same type of connector but, no RCA output analog. (Is this useful??)


I've had qque weeks .... it's a bomb!! The sound that comes out of the box ch'tite is simply amazing! It is true that it is not given as a device but it is impeccable. I try to "push" in every sense of the bully, but nothing worked. He remained imperturbable no false note. even if I saturates at the table, the sound that comes out is "almost" fixed. in one word: pfffffouuuuuuuuuuu!

What I like this tool, the quality of sound that comes out and ease of use. In fact the manual is only optional (also in English).

Before the ADI-2, I try with a Monacor AD-2000 (In terms of ref. I think because I was so balanced in M. ... (auvaise quality) . Monacor With this I had always, even on battery power supply, a breath-27dB. I-NU-IT-LI-SA-BLE !!!!!
Moreover, we can not find it. Even on the Internet, I have not found anything about this product.

The quality / price ratio
The report Quality: nothing to say
The report Price: In my opinion, too expensive, too expensive!!
the quality / price ratio: A tool for a quality semi-pro world view pro very expensive. but nevertheless essential to a quality result!

With experience, I would not hesitate a single second in my choice. I headed straight for the ADI-2 results seen by storm!