Allen & Heath GL2000-424
Allen & Heath GL2000-424

GL2000-424, Analog Mixer from Allen & Heath in the GL2000 series.

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iXtlan23 12/18/2003

Allen & Heath GL2000-424 : iXtlan23's user review


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The Allen & Heath GL2000 console is an existing semi-modular version 10/4/4/2, 16/4/4/2 or 20/4/4/2. all being equipped with two stereo tracks and ss-4 groups.
Typically intended use "live" backstage or FOH ca set design very strong and is a gem when the fingers.

XLR and jack connectors 6.35 on all tracks (line, insert mic) possde unfortunately it does not direct.out! departures from the (6 total) are either jack or XLR! the monitor out is a symetric and TRS mono output. or the master output is XLR. Insert on each channel as well as the departure of the master and out. 4-band EQ with two semi-param. Input-bargraph meters on each slice and each sub-groupes.Faders 100mm long. Sys-Link connection (optional)


"Made in england" what has this console "englisheries" destistabilisant enough at the beginning: for example, are al slice backwards?! this is that the button assignment to the GRPS is left of the fader?! but believe me after a few hours of use there are ca bcp better! (Hehehe).

each slice is possde gain control from -10 to 40db line 10 and 60dB for the mic, a 48V phantom power supply separated and a bargraph LED display has four input gain over the fader.

The preamp is very well made, warm and dynamic, they provide a very nice distortion even when pushed to the console. Not even breath through the EQ a background!
The correction is very good and precise: 4-band semi-parametric two of which (12kHz, 500/15khz, 351khz, 80 Hz) + a low-cut at 100Hz and a button to enable or disable the equalization.

6 of departure for all pre / post, the back being carried out on two small slices with EQ and fader that peuvet aventuellement use supllementaire entries if any. Strange to there are only 4 to 6 departures returns? but you can use the track Always-in (RCA stereo) to the back 5 and 6.

The GL2000 is fully or partially reversible by activating four buttons marked "dual function": to become the controls on the sends and returns scenes are then managed from the faders in groups (the groups Manager when the rotary with FX masters).
GL 2000 and one can be both FOH console, console back, or both at the same TMPS!

Oh I almost forgot one of the big advantage consoles Allen & Heath: The sys-link!
The sys-link is a system to interconnect multiple consoles allen-heath and we can connect a GL2000 with all the range of A & H console from wizard14 until the ML5000 (useful for musicians who have a console in the studio another to live!)


It sounds small GL2000, incredibly good, warm sound very UK. By pushing its preamps in the red gives a nice distortion that will delight the lover of sound distortion
Very little breath even the Preamp and EQ thoroughly.
It's a very "rock" by the heat that is Paut be not what is best for recording a symphony orchestra (but not his role!). I use it to make personnelment musk tekno sounds and sound "warm and round" and not "bright and hollow" as in concurrent certain brand.


I love this console. I possde version 10/4/4/2. For use as live musician entant s'avre it extremely ergonomic (while being spacious) and it is one of the few 14pistes possder of a 100mm fader (or Berhe or mackie or even the Midas-Venice)
The only fault I find this a good looking console: no light incorporated DC (correct on the GL2200) and rack-mount version is not 10/4/4/2 in 19 "(5cm too bad ).
English so crazy, is not it?!