Allen & Heath GS3000
Allen & Heath GS3000

GS3000, Analog Mixer from Allen & Heath in the GS series.

charlieman 10/16/2008

Allen & Heath GS3000 : charlieman's user review


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24 tracks + 24 + 4 stereo line in + 8 groups
Full routing ultra
Eq 2 full parametric mid band: freq, gain and Q
The faders can be used in line with the fifth (with pan yes yes)


Super easy to use, intuitive, the old one.


No breath, pramps height, eq worthy of the name


Purchase in the studio for one month, the total pleasure in mixing analog, over the icy bounces and now!
Well above anything I've experienced before (Mackie, Soundcraft ...)
The console 10 years and everything works perfectly, a rgal.

Prvoir a friend who knows how to change a fader or knob in case, when there is even one package!

Chang card groups 7 / 8 and 2/4/6 after a breakdown, pice obtained via the distributor Audiopole franais, APRS obtaining ref prcise via the APRS-service sale Allen England, which is excellent. Ractive copy!

2 years APRS, fun to mix with is still around ...