Allen & Heath GS3000
Allen & Heath GS3000

GS3000, Analog Mixer from Allen & Heath in the GS series.


Allen & Heath GS3000 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Good console, apparently ignored »

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-24 Tracks inline + 4 stereo tracks + 2 DI / preamp tube patchable
-8 Groups
-2 Parametric EQ shelving + 2 + High Pass filter in installments, assignable to the circuit monitoring or recording.
-6 To send + Xfx (1 possible additional stereo effect)
-Mute groups with 128 submissions, automated by programming changes. or midi notes
Solo in-place with memories
MIDI remote MMC-integrated
etc. ...

Manuals, leaflets are arranged on the site of Soundcraft, good reading.


Simple as inline analog console. With goodies (overdubbing multiple, preamps, tube stereo tracks, XFX ..)

For my part you dig a little for the party noon which is pretty rich.
It has 4 mute groups, snapshots, etc. ... and it's automated.

She is very thoughtful, very feature rich.
I find the fader section too crowded with buttons but we can not have it all. It is compact.

The routing is great.
The bus system is a bit special but its logic.


I find équalos tip-top, you can push and it sounds good.
They can really shape your sound, my old 12-bit samplers really need it sometimes.
The Q could be closer to the midrange.
The low EQ is solid.
Not a fart breath is a good console.

The 2 tube preamp I use as much distortion is very cool to have it immediately at hand, and there is no sound plugin.
For bass and rhodes of my dreams well they are preamp / DI. It is not life grand?

By properly gains it has a great dynamic range for a console of this size.


I've had it for over a year, I really appreciate it very much.

I will not compare to my first Berhinger is not the same world.
Cons by far over the Soundtracs Topaz 32 that I had, both in sound construction.
My Soundcraft Series One has a good sound too, but this one is more modern with better headroom visibly.

It is built solidly. It does not cheapies at all, a big highlight.

I bet again (for the 3rd or 4th time I come not to part with it) in the classifieds because I want to try a sony dmx r100.
But I do not know, still have doubts and it is not.
Objectively I would first sell the test in a config hybrid with SSL Alphalink patchbays and all going well.
I just have not cents.