Behringer Eurorack MX1602
Behringer Eurorack MX1602

Eurorack MX1602, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

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paradies 12/20/2013

Behringer Eurorack MX1602 : paradies's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Manufacturer data:

Ultra low - noise 16 - channel 2 - bus mixer
▲ Extremely high headroom - Offering more dynamic range
▲ 4 Mono Input Channels with gold plated XLRs
▲ 4 Stereo Input Channels
▲ 2 additional multifunctional stereo line Returns
▲ 2 Aux Sends, Aux 1 with switchable pre / post fader
▲ Ultra - low noise discrete Mic Preamps with +48 V Phantom Power
▲ Ultra-musical 2-band EQ on all channels
▲ Peak LEDs on all Mono Channels
Balanced Inputs and Outputs ▲
▲ Solo-in-place and pre-fader listen function
▲ Master Aux Sends Solo-have facility
▲ Separate Main Mix and Control Room / Headphone Outputs
▲ Insert Points on Main Mix Outputs
▲ 2-Track Inputs assignable to main mix or control room / Headphone Outputs
▲ Highly accurate Bargraph Meters on output
▲ High-quality 60 mm Panasonic laser - trimmed faders and sealed potentiometers
▲ State-of-the-art IC 4589's and Highest Quality components Ensure crystal-clear audio performance and
unmatched noise figures
▲ Rugged Construction Ensures long life under The Most Demanding Conditions
▲ Manufactured under the stringent ISO9000 management system


Basic and very simple table, suitable for small sound systems, small lives, a small home studio.


In the 20 years that I have mine. I do not use it much anymore, sometimes for small lives.
It is much better than the UB, and other behringer XENYX produced by the more ...

It is in the small material though. But this is not a reason to demolish: it does the job. Do not spend more for some benefits, because the difference in quality will not be audible.

Return level, it will settle for a maximum of 3 returns. doing so, we deprive ourselves of a departure for effect.

I live in peti therefore used as follows:
- Aux send 1 to FX (which I refer to a slice stereo if you need to troubleshoot the effect, or to an fx return)
- Aux Send 2 to 1 return, which can sends2 via the button every have a separate monitor mix.
- Control room to another return (same façade mix ...)

There are other ways to use it. The pfl can ETR eutilisés for the Bleak headphones (Rule show, dj ...)


About 20 years. I now use the Yamaha 03D studio. Live it depends, sometimes you pass me mackie, behringer no better than this, and rather fragile ... I worked also XENYX 802 and UB02, PM1000, Soundcraft, O1v.
The Behringer MX are copies of Mackie of the time trial in support.
Subsequent series are much more fragile and less interesting, but can do the job in a small home studio or for the show rule.

If I had the choice between a MX, a UB or XENYX doubt that eje apportion with the oldest ... Now, I prefer a netemment 01v (all versions) 02R or 03D for digital, and soundcraft or allen & heath with a stroke fader greater. But now: they are much more expensive.
Behringer remains an interesting brand quality price report some products (such as adat converter, the series mx, some pregnant eurolive correct: pay double to stay finally in the same qualitative product range is not a big thing but it exists. much better ... much more ...
After we pay for, but no more ...