Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Behringer Eurorack MX802A

Eurorack MX802A, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

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Bitozar 03/25/2005

Behringer Eurorack MX802A : Bitozar's user review


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Ts nice little table with:
- 4 XLR inputs (phantom power supply) or jack
- Stereo 2 tracks
- 2 Stereo effects loop
- Input and output to a device for recording
- 3-Band EQ per channel
- Prampli microphone for each channel
- Possibility to route the tracks to the master or the control room. Very practical to play back such
Honntement for the price, it's pretty amazing!


Premire is my table and I had trouble when even include all possible routings. Sometimes I kind of CRER Feedback infinite because I did not know the possibility of such a table. The doc says it all more or less but he had to bone up on srieusement Schematic electric table to properly understand.

When you never touch a table, a t would be nice to have a manual that explains all this in detail. With the exprience that I now no longer has a problem and I think I can adapt any table. But beginners will Drout and will not use the possibility of such a table.

Apart from these routings, the rest is intuitive trs. (Not needed the table :-))


The console is transparent? No, mtal gray ...
The sound, I have not seen a lot of color but I REALLY do not use this table to mix ... It helps me connect all my devices (PC, guitars, multi-effects ...) without having to unplug everything every time. However, sometimes I shuffled the PC sounds and scratches.

If you push a little gain, it is clear that gnre breath. Honntement But, if he is between a signal strong enough, no need to push the gain, so no breath. For my part, I have never encountered this problem. But as I said, I do not use the card to mix so I did not get to REALLY evaluate this breath.

For cons, I t heavily by the effects loop. Originally, I wanted to connect my guitar multi-effects above and assign them to diffrent tracks, see the same set SERIES (yes! It's possible!). Well it's not terrible ... It happens when you put the reverb, delay, chorus, etc ... ds, but we want to distortion (voluntary of course), has become rotten and frankly noise. I do not know if you can normally do with a mixer but in any case, on the one no way! Well, it's no big deal I found another solution (I do not multi-effects in the loops) but if a had t possible, I would end up with a table for assigning n 'parallle matter what effect or a sound in between SERIES!! Well, c'tait a beautiful ... rve So I used just as ... a mixer! And has, it plays its role perfectly.


It's been a year now I have and I am Fully satisfied. As I said above, she is never unplug my instruments. I just need to activate the tracks for a walk, all as directed or in the hi-fi or headphones or in the guitar amp.

For the few true mix that I do is impeccable, especially when you see the price. To drive the point home, I would say that I rcupr gratos ...

Setting aside the fact that it's pretty hard to beginners to be in the routing to the outputs diffrent, trs I find easy to use and it was I was looking for.

It is clear that if I had the choice again (paying ...), I do it again. on the other hand, if j'tais looking for something more substantial to mix, I went to more of a table and I look at (j'couterai ...) plus the quality of effects loop.

But the price I do not get any better o Note gloable.