Behringer Eurorack UB1832FX-Pro
Behringer Eurorack UB1832FX-Pro

Eurorack UB1832FX-Pro, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

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Realaze 03/08/2013

Behringer Eurorack UB1832FX-Pro : Realaze's user review

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Everything you need where you need it, all inputs, outputs everywhere, inserts, busses, effects, everything you need for a home-studiste table or small group oriented. Others have summarized the characteristics, I'm not here for that.


Complicated configuration if there is not know, there are widgets and gadgets everywhere, but we manage.

The manual is clear and sufficient.


Many of breath ... Too breath ... And it sizzles, and then the sound comes out more ... Suddenly it's the way of the sampler, a coup is that the synth ... Frankly, this console epitomizes everything that is criticized Behringer years: it falls apart!

I had another Behringer when I was younger, she had held up well, and I sold as new, but there ... It really is disposable.


I use it for 3/4 years.

The feature I like the most? All, it is the top ... on paper ...

The feature I like least: making lousy suffered by the poor console did not ask anyone ... Frankly, all these static, all those crunches, these false contacts ... I agree that it is not expensive, but it is not a reason to get sloppy as!

I tried another Behringer long ago I do not remember the model, and also an old Samick.

Price / quality ratio: shabby, defects are emerging too quickly for it to be really profitable. I still use it today against heart because no choice, knowing that I sabotaged my songs with ...

Experience / choice: No, I expect to have more dosh to buy something that makes sense.

Ps: I should add that I am not anti-Behringer, quite the contrary, I have a BCR following me for years and never had any problems like what ...