Behringer Xenyx 2442FX
Behringer Xenyx 2442FX

Xenyx 2442FX, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

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the bubble 11/12/2012

Behringer Xenyx 2442FX : the bubble's user review

«  a mixing table .... is ready and it's late! »

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Everything described above


Well my opinion is not going to be objective may be: I only tried the gear rotted before except a numeric table from yamaha which I did not like the sound very well, but surely too neutral for my taste. I guess this is yet the best for working with sound. I pass the brief ub 1202 to the console. for me day and night. easy to use, the manual is not great but there is one. I have not found the 100 presets one by one described in the manual and I find that unfortunate. I still look the same on the site and if anyone knows it would suit me!


while in the headset and the sound, no breath. I had a time by touching a knob (but I do not know which). I will tell you later, this is the first console of this size that I use seriously, otherwise no effects with the headphone breath, gains pushed back. I personally find that the equalizer is not effective enough (not enough contrast in the settings) with microphones, but at the same time, the sound is "natural", and voices stood out well. I like it too much and ugly. then too should induce more larsens I presume, therefore there will be less to worry about it. good balance voice / guitar / piano with the console and my sound.

Another bad point but that does not bother me: thomann boasted compressors on the console, there is not one! but surprisingly, I have not been able to saturate the microphones despite this! it changed me for my 1202 that "saturated" to death and I thought it was my speakers! Like what each level of the sound is important.


I used it once and I'm glad, I'm able to run my projects with! I finally sufficient material for my duo with acoustic instruments, the sound of the instruments is respected, it is clear and accurate after a first successful test and adjustments not requiring tedious! (I finally managed to adjust the sound of my digital piano with sufficient quality to make live and this is the first time!) I was expecting less honestly seen descriptions of this table. I would do it without hesitation NIOHC considering the price and quality of the beast (which is enough for my use as I recall).

Thank you to behringer equipment to acceptable quality for an affordable price, that I saved my life!