Behringer Xenyx 2442FX
Behringer Xenyx 2442FX

Xenyx 2442FX, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

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à Chaud 04/18/2007

Behringer Xenyx 2442FX : à Chaud's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Rackmount console compact and economical.

8 channel XLR microphone + line mono. Équalos including a 3-band semi-parametric
Preamps XENIX deemed very good by Behringer. Checked: very little wind
+ 2 channels with XLR microphone preamps XENIX, or Ligne stereo. Équalos 4 filmstrips
Line + 2 stereo channels. Équalos 4 filmstrips.

48V phantom power sent to all the microphones at the same time. Microphones and devices that are not symmetrical, or not refrain from 48V!

Bus with four assignable outputs Jack asymmetric double (wired in parallel)

Auxiliary four departures:
N-1 and 2: PRE or POST position following a push button on each slice
No. 3 POST-FX marked and reserved for internal or external impact of your choice
No. 4-POST only

For my needs I would have preferred to choose the PRE or POST 4 aux sends.
Indeed, I need 4 for departures PRE conductor and returns nothing.

4 stereo aux returns on TRS.
In a return can be sent to the main output and aux 1
2 In return can not be sent to the main output and aux 1
In return 3 (FX) can be sent to the main output bus or 1-2 or 3-4
Return to 4 can be sent to the main output or headphone / control room. It is therefore the only one who can be heard separately, but in this case it disappears from the main mix.
Other aux returns can be heard as four at once!

Input and output 2-track recorder on RCA.

MAIN outputs on XLR and Jack symmetric (parallel connected)

Listen PFL or solo tracks, groups, or Main entrance 2-track recorder. Headphones and control room outputs are regulated by the same potentiometer.

Effects section with 100 programs. Only some of them have their legend printed on the front.

Inserts on all channels including the main output.


Typical configuration with no surprises.

For my needs I would have preferred to choose the PRE or POST 4 aux sends.
Indeed, I need at least four aux return for conducting and no effect.

It would have been desirable to send these returns in other auxiliary aux.

For my usage, would lack a signal present LED per channel.

The manual covers all series consoles XENIX and therefore some paragraphs deal with other models that the 2442FX. Bit annoying as this console is the most comprehensive of the series, we found it pretty well.


The preamps are very much the point of view lack of breath and musicality.

As against the rest of the console adds breath when we open all channels.

The output level is +4 dB when the meter indicates 0dB. Its maximum level is 28 dB.


Console quite usable, live or record two tracks or 8 tracks.

In fact I bought this console as a complement to my main console Allen & Heath.
It has quite a few ways because it is rackée rack and on top of a board on wheels, including all permanently wired equipment: CD recorder, compressors, reverb, HF receivers, amplifiers and équalos facade équalo amp and returns, etc..

I therefore use this console XENIX 2442FX when I have to add sound to a battery with 7-8 microphones.

It is sufficient for this need, although the absence of a third and fourth aux PRE is annoying.

It's still a console economic and simplified.

Quality / price ratio excellent as usual with Behringer.

Warranty exchange during the first year, 2 year warranty + additional

For reliability: go to 5 years.