Boss BX-800 8 Channel Stereo Mixer
Boss BX-800 8 Channel Stereo Mixer

BX-800 8 Channel Stereo Mixer, Analog Mixer from Boss in the BX series.

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paradies 09/26/2010

Boss BX-800 8 Channel Stereo Mixer : paradies's user review


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8 votes not small plastic rack ...
6.35 8 in. jack, XLR ... no gain, <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">eq 3</a><span style="position: absolute;"></span><span style="position: absolute;"></span> votes, pan pot a master out a headphone ...
Good is the ultra minimal, more to his live mix between his synth expander and main (at the time ...)


Small faders plastoc ...
No need for manual routing is not ...
Super simple, super exceeded


We don not speak epeut transparency anyway because it brings back a lot of breath! not possible to record a microphone it would push back the gain ... hello ... frittura


This was my first mixer, mix loaded my first MT expander 32 and a JX3P ... j was 15 years when buying and finding less expensive than it was 700 francs balèze ... No I had not used bcp models before buying, however, since a number ...
I have been stolen two years later and I bought a Behringer Eurorack that with its metal frame and its most imposing faders bcp parru m had more serious. Besides today for 8 voices in "chui broke" I advise to turn to a Xenyx 802, smaller, less metal blast, 2 XLR and has an FX ... and for 40 or 50 euro-hand ... Otherwise the recent Allen & Heath ZED 10 around 250 euros
So the value for money today is bad even for the beginner.
But it was my first so I put 3 instead of 2 ...