Mackie CFX20
Mackie CFX20

CFX20, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the CFX series.

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Rec n' Play 05/26/2011

Mackie CFX20 : Rec n' Play's user review

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-Not to rack (too large)
There is no oversampling analog
Effects built-yes.
Automa-WHAT? lol
The synchro-Riggs / Murtaugh better known as "three or ... we go?"


Hyper Single

No manual needed

yes it is easy to access


The preamp and not blow a bit, there is a high pass ...
EQ has a semi-parametric filter and 2 Tea.
4 in which an intern, a post and 2 pre / post it was quite good in view of the foregoing.
Fader short :-( (too sensitive)
There are 4 groups Stereos mono or 2 for you to see but there is no NPA for these groups is a switch for "hard panning" (my apologies to the French Academy but if it has come to express ca in less than 10 letters amends Article I) (LEFT / RIGHT / LEFT + RIGHT) mwouais ...

The internal effects I must confess that I have not used.


Long enough to have been around ...

Not acquired, used and yes bcp other models.

The Minus: EQs / blast / group assignments
More on: uh will the EQ output but really to fill the box eh ...

Not paid, not know the price but probably better value for money than Midas. I would say the same if I were to compare my car to a Lamborghini ...
Midas is the Lamborghini so eh :-)

It is a small console entry simple enough for the anti-digital, it's easy, it's cheap and it can ... oh no sorry ...

I use it in conference and today I would prefer a 96 or 01V or an LS9 16ch ILIVE ...

It passed but if you know nothing digital is nickel.
Ideal for keyboards or line level machines brief but if you plan to record instrumentals with acoustic pickups, drop it blows and there bcp better these days ...